As expected today, my creative juices weren’t as plentiful as yesterday. Today’s official Inktober prompt was mindless and Tuataria’s prompt was emoji. Plagued from a sleepless night and personal stressors, the only thing I came up with was a drooling emoji.

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Day_2 #mindless #emoji for #inktober2019

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And well, because I was in search of a mindless task for my sleep-deprived mind, I fished an old technique out of the treasure trove that is my childhood: randomised patterns.

Randomised Pattern
The pattern was generated based on random numbers

I had a few more ideas, that never came to fruition within the bounds of the 2nd of October. Including a Zombie story. I hope I can put more weight behind tomorrows prompts. Until then feel free to take a look at yesterday’s eggy works.

I did, however, manage to do a Frankenstein’s Monster emoji. Here for a truly mindless emoji, I present to you the weirdly cute Frankenmoji:

A drooling depiction of Frankenstein’s Monster as an Emoji

This article has been updated to reflect the fact that I actually managed to do a quick mockup of the third project for today. – 2019-10-02 23:30 UTC