A Few New Things

For personal reasons, I decided to move away from associating this website as strongly with my name as I have in the past. I changed the title of this page from Patrick Nils Wilke (my legal name) to Chwiggy’s World my (nickname). This change is also reflected in my logo.

I changed the typography and just added a frankly unoriginal avatar, I’ve grown way too fond of. In the next weeks, I’ll probably also move this Blog to a new URL though I’ll probably let http://patricknwilke.de redirect here for a few months. I will of course also update that post with the new URL, when it’s done.

Update: New Header-Image

This is just a short update post to introduce my new header image.

Gas giant infront of stars
This is my new header image

I made it myself over the last few weeks, and despite my mental health not being up to snuff, I quite like it. I’m still thinking of adding a cutesie astronaut to it on the left, but that might be stuff for future alterations.

I hope you like it, but if you have tips, suggestions, or questions feel free to contact me.