Hi, I’m Emily Charlotte Chwiggy. I’m a fourth-year university-student of History and Geography and maybe not so much on track anymore to earn my Bachelor of Arts from the University Freiburg, Germany, at the end of next summer. I’m generally interested in anything nerdy, be it geography, cartography, history, or even maths, physics, computer science, or language. To be honest I think the list of things that don’t interest me may be shorter. I’m located in Southern Germany. And I hope you enjoy the content on this blog.

If you want to contact me feel free to do so on Twitter, Instagram or per email.

I’ve written (in German) for the Badische Zeitung before, and I am especially proud of a piece (German) about the art museum with an adjacent chocolate museum in Waldenbuch, Germany. I’ve also written about a Science Notes event for me2be.