I really like trains and everything train related. So it’s no wonder they feature regularly in my photography. I think one of my personal favourite Instagram posts is of a train in front of a beautiful sunset.

Freight train on a standstil.

The colours are just beautiful, even though the ghosting from the HDR of my phone camera is a bit distracting. Another picture I really like is this one. It just really captures my imagination and I love the contrast between the city to the left and the forest to the right. But let me tell you a secret: The forest is only a thin sliver of trees between the endless sprawl of the city.

But why am I telling you this? It goes back to my last post about my website logo. Someone asked me how I chose the font for my name in my logo, and someone else suggested I try to play a bit with different fonts, but to be honest, I didn’t want to.

I didn’t want to because that font had become near and dear to my heart over hour-long journeys through the German rail network, or at least I thought so. Its name is literally rail script, so why should I have been mistaken? Alas, I was mistaken indeed: Bahnschrift was actually developed by Microsoft for their Windows UI and is at least rumoured to replace Segoe UI at some point. However, it is, in fact, a variant of the DIN 1451 standard I so closely associate with travelling.

DIN 1451 script with an actual train in the background.
A variant with the constellation cygnus.

At least I found the picture above, combining my beloved interests trains and cool typefaces. That helps in a moment of sadness about a lost writeup opportunity.

So what now? I might actually change the font in my logo. But I think I need to first finish a header image for my website. (The default WordPress one irks me a bit.) And then I might need to think about my logo from an entirely new perspective. Honestly, I think the typesetting doesn’t even work that well especially not if you reduce it down to the few pixels dedicated to it in the tabs of your browser, but I don’t know yet with what to replace it.